Hello World: Development for the Community


Its been said that, “it takes a village to raise a child”, and I would adapt that to say “it takes a community to raise a developer.” The truth is any type of development is a continual process that never really ends, rather it transitions into stages. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a complete newb, it is a fact that you will need support in order to be successful.

Think Community, Not Just Networking

Sure life has a lot to do with “who” you know, but I think that as developers become more abundant the shift you’re going to see is not just about “who” you know, but “how” you know them. Relationships are important! Yes, for the nerds glued to technology 24/7, I’ll say it again, relationships are important. Therefore networking needs to¬†evolve out of its negative business connotation into a personal experience that people enjoy because deep down I believe we all really do. That’s why social networking is so great.

What’s the point?

Basically, development is an amazing industry to be in, no matter what language¬†it is, progress for a better future is always inspiring. So with that let’s inspire one another! There is so much opportunity before us; any one who tells you otherwise is selling something…. seriously they are trying to make their opportunity look more valuable for their own selfish gain. The fact of the matter is there truly is an abundant pie; plenty to go around. So let this be an encouragement to the developer community in what ever capacity you are passionate about.

As a developer this is my “Hello World” post and I essentially wanted to use that declaration opportunity to say that is what this site is dedicated to. My hope is to encourage and train other developers with tutorials, case studies, and personal testimonies of my journey as a developer. There truly is a lot of life in code, so hopefully I can express some of it along the way.

Stay classy! Stay gold! Just stay put and stick around as there is more to come.

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